There are still some flexible space solutions available at Duetto Park, ranging from 300 to 1000 m2. See the options below or let us know your space needs.
The design and layout of each space can be modified according to your needs. 




    Creating spaces that meet tenants’ needs

    At Duetto Park our space planners and designers are at your service. They can design a space that looks just like your company and brand. Choices include, layout, modern floor materials, wall shades, door types and the look of the kitchen.

    The spaces available are flexible and the design and layout can be customized and adapted to meet the needs of the tenant’s business and to support the wellbeing of their employees.

    We will work together to find the optimal solution and tenants will have free access to interior design and architect services for planning space changes.


    Duetto Park consists of two, seven storey, connected buildings offering 15,000 m2 of flexible office space. The property is conveniently located in the garden suburb of Käpylä, Helsinki, within minutes of the airport and the city centre.

    Building A is designed as a curve which supports creative and interesting solutions in space design. Building B has a more conventional rectangular shape. Duetto Park was completed in November 2008 and since then the property has been well maintained and improved, most recently in 2017 with the renovation the ground floor conference centre which introduced the use of transfer walls to create separate meeting rooms or a larger space for tenant events.

    Duetto park also features an excellent and popular restaurant, high quality lobby services, a gym, parking garage and outdoor parking spaces for rent as well as storage facilities of various sizes.

    The 2020 renewal of Duetto Park is updating the lobby and common indoor lounges, renewing the yard areas and terraces, and introducing green areas for relaxation.

    Duetto Park is home to important and successful tenants such as Palmia, Atria, Fingrid and Fingrid Datahub, eSett, GreenCarrier and Huawei, and the occupancy rate is currently at 75%.